August 10, 2006

Superdawg Drive-In

6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago 60646
HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 11am-1am, Friday-Saturday 11am-2am
Cost: about $5-$8 per person

My star reviewers-Smartypants, age 8 and Splinter age 6- share their thoughts on this unique Chicago Institution (with my comments in parenthesis).

Superdawg is a not-healthy place, but it's a very good experience for your family because they bring the food to your car and you eat it in there. It's goofy because almost every food they sell starts with "super" like Superfries and Superburger.

The mascots, Flaurie and Maurie, are on top of the building. They look like giant hot dog people. Maurie, the boy, is in a caveman suit but with human arms and legs and his eyes blink because he's in love with Flaurie. The girl hot dog is the one who is in a dress. You can buy Flaurie and Maurie souvenirs. (We did not partake of the souvenirs, but if you live outside the Chicago metro area and contact by Sept 5 with your address and I will send you one.)

*Bonus* Smartypants adds that the crinkly fries are crispy, but the good thing about that is you know they are cooked enough to kill all the germs. (BTW, did you read my piece? My mom is right, I've made my kids nuts!)

Bottom line: if you are coming to Chicago, definitely try this place, especially if your kids are hungry because their food is very filling. (Neither boy finished his hot dog or the "pillow of fries" on which it rested. They don't offer a kids meal, so consider sharing portions. The extra thick milkshakes sounded promising, but we were too full to try, even for the sake of you, our dear readers.)

Overall impression: Super!

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