March 18, 2007

Get ready to (April) fool the sushi lovers in your life

I learned the fine art of mock maki making at the Play with your Food exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center this past January. The free, hands-on event was perfect for ages 5 and up.

Attendees dabbled in sculpting with bread dough, designing stationery with potato stamps, carving fancy garnishes from apples, creating fragrant, wearable spice jewelry, and other fun food-based activities.

I couldn't wait to get home and try the mock sushi (fauxshi?) with my boys. To make the "rice," I blended Marshmallow Fluff with coconut flakes until it was moldable and not too sticky. For the filling I cut up slices of dried mango and gel fruit candy. I also chopped green Twistables into small bits that looked like scallions (green onions) and seaweed flakes. My biggest challenge was finding green fruit roll up-type snacks to approximate the seaweed wrappers. After checking several stores, I settled (as you'll see above or in the photo gallery) for a green and yellow.
From a distance, you might be able to fool the sushi lovers in your house, but this is a fun project for the kids, so it's probably even more fun to enlist their help creating the mock sushi and April Fooling an unsuspecting third party.

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