March 14, 2007

Sipahh Straws: Coolest new product of the year (so far)

Coolest New Product of the Year (so far)

The new straws are here! The new straws are here! The excitement was palpable as we opened our sample boxes of Sipaah Straws—straws with built-in flavor. Each single-use straw is loaded with flavor beads. Quick sips through it result in bursts of flavor while slow slips deliver a steady stream of flavor- chocolate, banana, strawberry, or cookies and cream.

The novelty of these straws may inspire your milk-averse to down a glass or two. The straws are easy to tote along on outings or pack into lunch bags and they work their magic on soy, rice, or cow’s milk. They are also low on sugar, with just two grams per straw, but this can be good or bad depending on your view as they are sweetened with sucralose (A/K/A. Splenda).

We eagerly sampled several flavors, but sadly, none were a huge hit in our house. I say sadly, because I so wanted to love this product. I think the idea is fabulous.

Selling for only $2.00 for a box of ten, I urge you to try a box Sipaahs and decide for yourself. Everyone in your family will want to try them, if only for the novelty of drinking from a flavor-packed straw.

Look for Sipaah Straws at your local Walgreens later this month. And then stop back here and let me know what your family thinks of these straws.

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