April 22, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham: a cookbook worth a long look

Looking for something exciting and new?
Then here’s a wonderful cookbook for you!

Consider Schlottz’s Knots washed down with Moose Juice
And other crazy meals inspired by Dr. Seuss.

Try Schlopp with a Cherry on Top, you’ll be in heaven
Thanks to Frankie Frankeny and Georgeanne Brennan.

If you like to read, eat or try a new food,
This book will put you in a great mood.

We made Brown and Black’s Snack with just a small fuss,
Changing soy milk for cow’s-- it was delicious.

The minor change didn’t cause any strife,
And for the next recipe I let the boys use a knife.

They got to chop chocolate under my watchful eye,
For Valley of Vung’s Chocolate Rocks*, which we couldn’t wait to try.

With chocolate cream and sugar, they were delish,
We look forward to trying our next yummy dish.

With this book in your kitchen, who knows what will transpire?
Just keep an eye on your kiddos, so they don’t start a fire.

*pictured above

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