April 01, 2007

Matzah Mania!

We’ve eaten the bread, crunched the crackers, and packed away the pasta in preparation for Passover, which starts Monday evening. Guess which of the following foods will be on the menu for the week?

A. Matzah Kugel
B. Matzah Schmattas
C. Matzah Lasagna
D. Matzah Brie
E. Matzah Bris
F. Matzah Balls
G. Matzah Ice Cream Cones
H. Matzah Nachos
I. Ice Cream A La Matzah
J. Matzah Toffee
K. Matzah A La Matzah
L. Matzah Lasagna

Answers: This Passover we will be eating A, C, D, F, J and L. To our knowledge, products B, E, G, I, and K do not exist. We may experiment with H.

If you got them all correct: Hooray, this yiddeshe mama is kvelling for you!
If your got more than two wrong, stop watching Borat and make some Jewish friends, already!

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