April 08, 2007

Talking with my Mouth Full

It's a pain to celebrate a birthday during Passover, when leavened flour is not permitted. What's a birthday without cake? So I was delighted to find a tempting new recipe that fit the bill in Bonny Wolf's food memoir, Talking with my Mouth Full.

Wolf, the food commentator on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition, serves up a pleasing mix of food history, personal history, and recipes. Though the book includes a designated Passover recipe (for popovers), Jennifer's Grandfather's Schaum's Torte was the one that caught my eye.

The torte consists of a large meringue base, which is baked and then covered with strawberries and topped with fresh whipped cream. As you will note in the Scrambled CAKE photo album, Smartypants provided able assistance throughout the process. Even so, our first attempt failed--maybe my pan was too small? We halved the recipe and tried again, with delicious results. The super-sugary meringue, tart strawberries and rich (unsweetened) cream combined to create am amazing, melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

I can't believe we've never had this before. This is one Passover dessert that can be enjoyed all year round.

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