May 01, 2007

Did somebody say chocolate?

Chocolate that’s scientifically formulated to ease the symptoms of PMS! A dream come true!

I first read about the PMS chocolate when the gals at's Broadsheet Blog pointed out this piece about it over at the Washington Post. Methinks they took writer David Segal a bit too seriously, but he does come off as rather obnoxious.

I searched high and low for this bar in order to provide my readers with an accurate first-person account. I eventually found it at the store formerly know as People's Market (now owned by Whole Foods). I had to cough up a serious chunk of change—well over $3.00 for the delicate 1.75-ounce bar. But really, that's a small price to pay to put a damper on PMS grouchiness and satisfy chocolate cravings in one fell swoop, right?

I had hoped to find chocolate heaven, but instead took a brief trip to chocolate hell.

Sad truth is, if a well-meaning husband gives this to his special pre-menstrual partner he will never be least not until later in the month. It's horrible! Awful! Only slightly better in taste than the Octopus chips from Super H Mart. In fact, the barely eaten bar sat around so long, I finally threw it out. This is an unprecedented event. It's just that bad.I should have known when I saw the "dietary supplement" note on the label, but instead I was taken in by the large print health by chocolate. If only such a thing could be achieved!

Other warnings included, in very fine print, not recommended for pregnant women or for children. Also, fructooligosaccharides are among the ingredients. I know this is some kind of sugar, but it's the kind of thing that makes a consumer wary.

There is some good news about the bar. Many of its ingredients are organic and it's fair trade certified. And it has a load of health info on the inner wrapper. But I pity the fool who ever tries to comfort or woo me with one of these bars.

If you want to do good while eating well, try a Santander Colombian single origin chocolate bar. It's also a fair trade bar but lacks the health warnings, other than the obligatory one about peanuts/tree nuts. The bars come in milk chocolate and a variety of dark chocolate (the kind that’s good for you) blends. I found the 65% cacoa dark blend pleasing to my sensitive palate. It was as rich and complex as the company describes it, “a great bouquet and an aroma that lingers in your mouth.

If you try either of these brands, let me know what you think.

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