May 29, 2007

Read and Eat It

We love to read and we love to eat! I just reviewed a book that helps us do both: The Kids' Book Club Book.

The book provides a host of information on starting children's book groups and keeping them going, but it's worth picking up if you're simply looking for a wonderful meal to go with a great book. For example, there's a recipe for Nan, a type of Afghan bread (p.212) that goes with Deborah Ellis' The Breadwinner (and would also complement my as yet half-written review of Skokie's Afghan Cuisine, where my boys ate basket after basket of the stuff).

I'll likely be mixing up a batch of supersweet Butterbeer (p. 192) for this summer's inevitable Harry Potter Party. Or maybe the boys and I will prepare some Turkish Delight (p.104) in celebration of the Chronicles of Narnia.

A little bird told me that the Spatulatta site will soon feature their own take on Read It and Eat It. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, let me know if you have treasured book/food combos of your own (other than nibbling on a candy bar while you tear through a beach read).

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