June 03, 2007

Stephen Colbert wants you...to try his new ice cream

Shhh! Do ou hear that sound? It's Ben and Jerry's latest flavor calling me. Even though it's tucked safely inside my insulated freezer, I hear it whispering my name. Kim...K--i--m.

Sweet and creamy Ben and Jerry's ice cream is almost always a hit, and DH and I are fools for clever marketing campaigns, so I grabbed Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream when I saw in the freezer section at Jewel.

With chocolate-coated waffle cone bits (reminescent of Kit-Kat bars) swirled with caramel in a vanilla base, this ice cream is a new favorite in our house. I'm shocked the the pint lasted through the weekend. Actually, I hope we finish it tonight; it's hard to sleep with Colbert's voice calling me from the freezer.

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