June 18, 2007

Spicing it up with Spatulatta

The boys' remote reporting gigs are now live on Spatulatta, the award-winning by kids/for kids cooking show.

Episode 1 provides an overview of the fabulous Spice House in Evanston along with some seasoning suggestions: http://www.spatulatta.com/remote_reporter/spice_house001.html In

In Episode 2 learn how we get lovely cinnamon to sprinkle on our French toast and pumpkin pies. Watch as the boys transform fresh Vietnamese cinnamon bark into a delicate but potent powder that will spice up our next batch of Snickerdoodles: http://www.spatulatta.com/remote_reporter/spice_house002.html

Also, would you help our Spatulatta friends go Big Time by taking this survey? The results may help them get their own PBS show! Won't you please click?

Next up, pack up the Lactaid as our intrepid remote reporters head to a Wisconsin dairy farm to learn the art of artisan cheesemaking.

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