November 13, 2007

Drink your latkes this Chanuka

Sure, you love crispy latkes (potato pancakes), but they're a hassle to make, stink up the house and the fried treats add to your ever-expanding waistline. Plus, all that chewing saps the precious energy you need to open all those presents.

Worry you should not tattela; your friends at Jones Soda have got your back! Check out their new Chanuka Pack featuring four of your favorite traditional Chanuka tastes: latke, applesauce, chocolate golden coin, and jelly doughnut.

Even with a blender, your Yiddeshe mama couldn't make such treats. Buy two packs, so you have one soda for each joyous night.

What? You don't celebrate Chanuka? S'okay. They've got a Christmas pack, too.


Bad Home Cook said...

Such a relief. Now I don't need to even attempt latkes on my own, thank G*d. I can just drink them. Great find, Kim! This should be "digged" more widely...

ShayShay said...


MissFancyPants said...

OK - I LOVE latkes (and cheese blintzes - yum, with lots of sour cream!), but no way could I "drink" a latke, even with sour cream! lol (The other flavors sound interesting, though....)


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