November 16, 2007

Really Fast Food

I recently had the chance to tool around town in a fully-loaded 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. With its swivel seats and handy little table, it gives a whole new meaning to meals on the run. You can read my review here.I was not paid for my participation in the word-of-mouth campaign; it was just a fun thing for us to try. Also, I would not let my kids eat a meal while driving around. I'm sure accident-prone Smartypants would wind up with a fork in his eye or something.

Edited an hour or two later to add: I just received a Border's gift certificate in the mail from the company that sponsored the promotion, Matchstick. Obviously, it was sent to me before my post was actually up. And I seriously had no idea it was coming. I'll pass it on to DH for tolerating my blogging habits.

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