January 13, 2008

The food gods are tempting me

Here we are in 2008. And when I say "we," it's because I feel so big, there could be two of me. Is food blogging to blame for the extra pounds my petite frame has carried into 2008?

I don't know, but I made a public declaration of my intent to shed some of my extra baggage over at my BabyCenter blog, and like 80% of the population, I've been exercising up a storm in recent weeks. But then this postcard arrived as if to test my resolve. The All-Candy Expo is coming back to Chicago. In just a few months.

Although typically held each fall, they've decided to move it to May. Immediately following another high calorie orgy--the Restaurant Show. Given my tight pants and bulging tops, I certainly don't need to, and yet, how can I pass up all the sweet, chocolaty, caramel-swirled goodness that is the Candy Expo?

Should I stay home or should I go? What do you think?

Oh, and here's the best weight-loss tip ever.

1 comment:

Glennia said...

If you don't go, can I go instead? Candy expo? Are you kidding me? My kid would lose his mind.


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