November 22, 2008

Dining a la card. It's like the Entertainment Book, only much better.

The Entertainment Book of dining coupons was da bomb when it debuted decades ago. But it's been on a downhill slide for years. The 2009 book is just plain pitiful. So I was especially excited to learn about A La Card Chicago at the Family Farmed Expo.

A La Card Chicago is a deck of 52 cards, each listing one chef-driven, owner-operated Chicago restaurant.

The 52 cards go from A (Aigre Doux- reportedly one of Michelle Obama's favorite eateries) to V (Veerasway, Vermillion, and Volo). Clearly it's much hipper than the old Book.

Each card lists the price-point, neighborhood, address, phone number and website of each restaurant, as well as a lively description of its food and atmosphere.

But wait. That not all!

Each card in the deck is also a coupon that will save you $10 at the named establishment. Of course, a few rules and restrictions apply, but they are reasonable.

Their rep was kind enough to give me a 2008 deck, good for one more month, but alas, I'm a suburban type with a tight belt and few dining out plans in December.

If you're a local who likes to dine out and save up leave a comment below. I'll pay my deck forward to the first person who asks for it.


Barbara said...

I'll take it. I'm a former Chicagoan & our family of 6 will be in town next week.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Barbara, it can be yours, but I have no way to contact you. Pass Send me an email (via my profile page) and I'll get them out to you.


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