November 10, 2008

Eli's Cheesecake at Barack Obama's inauguration celebration?

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that Eli's cheesecake will prepare and serve an Obamalicious dessert at the upcoming inauguration.

In fact, I started those rumors.

Eli's served up one of its giant specialty cheesecakes for President Clinton on his big day, so they know they way into the White House. And Eli's is a great reminder of sweet home Chicago. Certainly cheesecake has more presidential flair than, say, hot dogs, deep dish pizza, or Affy Tapples.

What do you think? What tastes of Chicago would you like to see Obama bring to our nation's capital?

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Anonymous said...

Why not cupcakes for dessert? Chicago has several dedicated cupcake spots + we've been kicking NYC all over this scene. Molly's, More, Cupcakes, Sweet Occasions, Sensational Bites, Southport Grocery...any of them are better choices than Eli's.

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