November 15, 2008

Tandoor India

Tandoor India
in Holiday Inn Skokie
5300 W. Touhy Avenue

Another guest post by DH.

The noisy, chaotic indoor water playground is gone from the expansive "Holidome" courtyard of Skokie's North Shore Holiday Inn. In its place is a smaller pool and whirlpool, some offices and the indoor patio of Tandoor India.

My buddy Rich and I go to Devon Avenue monthly for Indian food, and I wanted to try a restaurant closer to home. And one with better parking.

The menu features Americana like pizza and burgers, so if your little ones don't like curry or masala, Tandoor India is still a good pick. At first I took the presence of American dishes as a bad sign. But we were pleasantly surprised to find a full menu of northern Indian cuisine. We got the tandoori sampler (lamb sausage, chicken and shrimp) and a chicken biryani with naan.

The biryani had a nice ratio of meat to rice and was served in a traditional-looking hammered brass pot. The sampler was also quite decent and was served atop a metal platter, enhancing the presentation.

The meal was about $30. Not cheap, but the quality of the food made it a good enough value. And the convenience of parking in a free, spacious lot trumps all.

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Kim Moldofsky said...

Sorry, Anonymous. While I am always thrilled to get reader feedback, that fact that you found my blog through Googling the restaurant name, commented anonymously and left the exact same comment over at Yelp (twice!?) leads me to believe you are a tool.

This blog is for honest conversation, not advertising.


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