December 02, 2008

A taste of Chicago wherever you are!

The other night DH brought home a delicious buttercrust Lou Malnati's pan pizza. It's a local favorite. Of course, Lou's deep dish pan variety is not to be confused with stuffed pizza, another deep dish Chicago favorite, but I digress.

He also brought home a brochure for Tastes of Chicago, a delivery service that ships our local delicacies around the globe.

To be fair, most of the food isn't all that delicate. Tastes of Chicago ships out hearty stuff like dense, creamy Eli's Cheesecake, artery-clogging Portillo's Italian beef, Vienna Chicago-style hot dogs, Hackneys half-pound beef burgers, Carson's ribs, and brown bag apple pie from Long Grove Confectionery.

Now that I've typed that out, I fear sending a taste of Chicago is like snail mailing a heart attack! Would you do this to a friend? Oh, yes you would. It's all delicious.

Be sure to order before the new year; these foods don't mesh well with healthy resolutions. Though, they are perfect addition to any Super Bowl party. By then all diet bets are off and everybody's gambling on the big game instead.

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laughingatchaos said...

I have been the lucky recipient of a Lou Malnati's mail order package. AND, my dear friend who is watching Rosie the Bagel Dog is getting a big ole' gift from them tomorrow as a thank you from Chicago. :) I especially love that you can order gluten free Chicago pizza. Hey, it's sausage, cheese, and sauce...what's not to love!? LOL


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