January 14, 2009

Thai Coconut Curry Broth from College Inn: A review

We've been making a lot of soup lately and though I will use fresh chicken in, say, chicken soup, I always add a store-bought stock or broth to enhance the flavor. In fact, when I took a knife skills class at Chicago's Chopping Block last year, the chef/teacher recommended store-bought stock for the convenience.

I was excited to try the College Inn Thai Coconut Curry Broth because it sounded a little different. And it was.

Rather than the hot, spicy curry DH was hoping for, this "culinary broth" was fragrant and flavorful. The delicate blend of coconut, curry, garlic and coriander flavors suited me just fine.

I also like that the broth does not have MSG, but I don't like that each cup has 42% of a day's serving of sodium. As with so many processed convenience products, I'd like to see that number drop.

Check out the Singapore Lettuce Wraps we made using the broth and find other unique recipes as well.

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