January 11, 2009

The Whole Story: Whole Foods podcast on supplements, a sponsored post

Here's the deal: my unemployed but fabulous tech writer/project manager husband is on his third month on unemployment. How does one shop at Whole Paycheck without a paycheck? It's a challenge.

Seriously though, he loves Whole Foods and we both love that they source local products. In fact, one of their reps was at the Family Farmed Media Meet-Up and I could tell from the discussion that she took her job as a local sourcer quite seriously.

So anyway, when I saw an email from WH offering me a $15 gift card for posting the link to their monthly podcast, Whole Story, I figured I'd give it a listen and post if I learned something.

I did. So here's the link to the podcast, the ABC's of Supplements.

DH has been going on and on about the benefits of fish oil and suggesting we give it to our boys, well, at least one of them. The boy in question isn't great at swallowing, so we chose the capsules, which the podcast confirmed is an expensive option, because they'd go down easily.

Oh, and we bought them at Whole Foods because we're using a brand our friend recommended.

Turns out this boy refuses to swallow and instead in putting the capsules in his mouth and popping them open with his teeth. These are fish oil capsules, people. Can you imagine how disgusting this is? But he likes it.

We figured we'd go with a liquid next time, but after listening to the podcast, I think we need to get our boy to swallow good old tablets.

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Houseonahill said...

If you like local produce you may also want to try (you are in Chicago right?)


or the local market corner of clybourne and division

my son loves to pick out his own dinner during our warmer months and at City Farm they talk to you about whats growing...just thought I'd throw that in...nice blog.


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