February 12, 2009

Whole Foods Whole Story Podcast: You are (in bed) what you eat

This is my second sponsored post about the Whole Foods Podcast because DH is still unemployed and I gotta keep Smartypants in Omega-3 oils, and given that DH just bought the most expensive gummy kind which will ruin Smartypants' new orthodontia, I gotta grab a few dollars when I can.

Who wouldn't want to listen to this month's podcast? It's all about libido, and it's about time we look at this as a wellness issue. Click over to listen to Chris Kilham talk about "hot plants."

Cheat sheet: among the top ten libido-boosting plants are Maca (Peru), Rhodiola rosea (Siberia) and Ashwagandha (India).

I'm glad those Siberians had something to enhance hot times in their cold region. (Hmm. I think there's an even better play on words, there. Any suggestions?)

1 comment:

Houseonahill said...

yikes, read some older posts and you know every farm in town!

Great information, THANKS!!


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