September 14, 2009

Taste This! A Cookbook Review

What happens when you begin posting again on a blog you've ignored for a wee bit? Oh, you realize that you have more than a few dusty draft posts, sitting and waiting for review and the glory of being published.

Take Gina Von Esmarch's cookbook, Taste This! I received a copy in...let's just say it was in 2009.

This book is full of simple recipes. In fact, they're so simple, it makes me wonder why I don't cook a fresh meal every night* of the week.

I made the White Bean Casserole. Because it will be months before we can harvest tomatoes from our garden, I used canned ones. (*Cough* I warned you this post was a bit dusty.) A can of tomatoes, a few white beans and spices was all it called for.

I admit I was skeptical. How can it possibly be that easy to cook a decent meal? But within minutes my family had a delicious casserole which, served alongside a loaf of crusty bread, made an easy, healthy and filling meal. It was like magic!

My friends Ana at Bonggamom and Ilina at Dirt and Noise tried out other Taste This! recipes with equally delicious results. Go read and see for yourself.

*Oh yeah, because I'm disorganized and have a wicked Twitter addiction. Speaking of which, follow Taste This! author @ginavon.

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