November 24, 2009

Shopping Safeway for the Local Food Pantry

Though I do most of my grocery shopping at Jewel and the local green grocer, when I was offered a $25 gift card from the folks at Safeway (known in California as Von's and as Dominick's here in my Chicago suburb) I decided to pay the store a visit.

I used my windfall for good and dedicated my shopping trip to a local food pantry.

I went slightly over the card amount because my oldest son brought a bit of tzedakkah money along. But as you can see, For about $31.00 we got a good deal of food. There's a mix of name-brand and store-brand items.

We bought two 2-pound bags of spaghetti and two large cans of Hunts sauce, many packs of ramen, a jar of peanut butter, two large containers of chicken broth, canned vegetables and more. We didn't have any coupons with us, but we did take advantage of the in-store discounts and if I was more organized, we could have saved with a trip to the Safeway website.

The Dominick's I visited has a full-service pharmacy that provides things like immunizations at a low-cost, without an appointment. In fact, the last time I'd been in the store was to get my flu shot a few weeks ago.

Given how tight our family budget is right now, I appreciated the opportunity to do good with the Safeway gift card. Please note, I was not sent any other type of compensation beyond the gift card for this post. Also, I was free to use the gift card as I chose.

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Andrea Frazer said...

Looks great. Thanks!


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