November 29, 2009

Whole Foods Chicago, Lincoln Park

And I thought the Northbrook store was large! The new Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, which is located just across the street from where the old and impressive for its time Lincoln Park Whole Foods, is huge and fantastic.

It's the kind of place that makes you forget that part of living a "green" lifestyle is limiting consumption. The store is packed with hormone-free, additive-free, dye-free, organic, vegetarian, vegan and local goodness.

And the food court...ZOMG. They're got everything--at $7.99 a pound. The store also has a quite wine bar, fresh sushi and noodle soups, as well as a diner. In terms of size and variety, the store's food court rivals that of any shopping mall circa 1986.

I was there for a blog event with Underwriter's Lab, but I'm definitely bringing the family back for a field trip and a meal.

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