December 14, 2009

CTA Santa Train Tweet-up on the Yellow Line

I was so taken when I first set eyes on the CTA's Holiday Train that instead of pondering whether taxpayer money funds this delightfully extravagant ode to Santa, I found myself wondering if the train would make it out to the Yellow Line, the Skokie Swift.

Yes it does and I'm planning a Tweet-up in its honor! (And also my four-year blogaversary.) Please RSVP here.

Local bloggers and their little ones (keep a close eye on them please!) can join in the fun at 3:00 on December 23!

We'll meet up at the Skokie Swift Starbucks and about 3:15 head over near the tracks for ride on the train or a photo op. You'll have to buy your own train tickets, but Starbucks will provide tweet-up guests with drinks and treats afterward. Guests on the RSVP list will be the first priority for the Starbucks goodies.

The wonderful folks at Edelman are providing me with a gift card for the event, so you'll need to check in with me, not the baristas.

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