May 03, 2010

Sweets and Snacks: Mars takes the Lead on Nutritional Labeling

One standout I noticed digging through the huge pile of samples I received from the National Confectioner's Association is the new nutritional labeling on Mars candies.

according to their website, Mars was the first food company to globally commit to not market to children under the age of 12.Mars is living up to their commitment to help consumer make informed choices with their new labeling (photo below) which clearly outlines, in large, visible type, calorie content, total fat and sat fat, sugars and sodium.
It's a bold move for a confectioner.

As a consumer, I can easily see avoiding that impulse purchase at the checkout line when it's clear how many fat grams are in a given candy bar. On the other hand, nothing gets between this girl and her PMS chocolate cravings, so the labeling makes it easier to find the best (least worst or perhaps "most satisfying per grams of fat") snack.

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