August 30, 2010

Campfire Marshmallows Giant Roasters

These giant marshmallows are sure to elicit squeals of excitement. They are huge! And fluffy! And not listed on Campfire's website. Huh?

I was at a BBQ last weekend where the host broke these out and OMG did everyone go wild. I'd love to give the full scoop on the product size and such, but that info isn't available online at the moment.

So you'll have to trust me they are big! And fun!

But the Giant Roaster are the kind of thing I'd only buy once.

Although they are a great novelty, roasting marshmallows over a camp fire is half the fun of eating them. And with a Giant Roaster Marshmallow, you kind of blow the whole wad with one roasting, unless you do what I did, which was to gently brown the outside and peel it off and eat it, and then re-toast the remains and so on until your fingers are impossibly sticky and your hair is matted with gooey marshmallow guts. But that method doesn't work well with kids.

I also found that the Giant Roaster threw off the marshmallow:chocolate:graham cracker ratio in my s'more. The marshmallow overwhelmed everything.

And I also worry about a young child (or even an older one) choking to death on one of the giant beasts of a marshmallow. (Really, click the link.)

So I guess it's regular ole' marshmallows for us from now on.


Virtual Farmgirl said...

I was surprised that Campfire didn't have more of an online push for this, but I did find a release about the Giant Roaster and got its measurements.

We'll be using them for a b-day s'mores fest next week.

Jessica said...

Do you know what stores sell them? I'd love to get these for our family's camp out this weekend!

Mandy said...

I can tell you that our Walmart her has them on the shelves as regular stock :-) Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Make them yourself by using a muffin tin for the marshmellow. Any marshmellow recipe will work. Just coat the muffin cavities with non-stick spray and lightly coat with an equal mixture of cornstarch and powdered sugar. I used one recipe to make one jumbo marshmellow using a 2 gallon plastic ice cream tub. It was a hit.


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