July 30, 2008

Pinch of Salt Fritos- a review

Surprise package on my front stoop today. I thought it was a box from my BlogHer roommate who promised to send bits and pieces that my other roommate and I left scattered about our messy room. But no, it was from a PR firm.

Inside it were two bags of True North Nut Clusters. Honestly, I'd never heard of the brand prior to the note I received from the nice PR lady, but DH is nuts, I mean he likes nuts, so I jumped at the chance to try them. Plus, I'm trying to get him to pop in here every now and again.

I was excited to try the Pinch of Salt Fritos that were also in the box, Low-salt Fritos! They've got less than 1/2 the sodium of normal Fritos, but all the crunch.

They're salty enough to be a satisfying salty snack and tasty enough that I had to remove them from my immediate area so as not to eat the whole bag. Now that's an endorsement. I give them 3 Crunches- they'll have to lose a little fat to make it to 4.

Hmm. They must be really new. Don't even see a pic on the website. No wait, they came out in April. But no mention or pic on the site? Look for Pinch of Salt Lays, Tostitos and Ruffles, too. I know I will. (Really, that why I accepted the free sample.)


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