September 09, 2008

Starbucks new breakfast menu

Why was I eating Chicken Pesto at Starbucks at 8:00 on a Saturday morning? Because we walked over to our local joint to check out the breakfast menu, of course.

No, the Chicken Pesto Salad is not part of the new breakfast menu, but after we sampled the new breakfast items (courtesy of a PR pro) Smartypants insisted on eating something a bit heartier. Not that the breakfast menu isn't hearty. I mean, isn't oatmeal considered one of the "stick to your ribs" type foods?

DH and I liked the oatmeal, seasoned with a pre-measured packet of maple syrup. A friend complained that it's not like the homemade stuff, but my "homemade" stuff is the sugar-laden instant-from-a-box type stuff. I actually really liked the Starbucks version. But, the kiddos missed all the sugary sweetness, so they gave it a thumbs down.

Smartypants loved the multigrain roll with strawberry preserves and "sort of" liked the chewy fruit and nut bar, though he's not a bit fan of nuts. The bar reminded me of a nutty version of this compacted into a sweet convenient bar. I liked it.

DH's take on our morning was a bit more sophisticated. Of course, he wrote up his portion while we were chillin' at Starbucks and I'm trying to post while getting two kids off to school. Read on....Sitting outside a Starbucks on a cool, perfect-morning-for-a-stroll weather day, nibbling on fiberlicious breakfast goodies while my kids fight over where the strawberry preserves should be squeezed from the tube. Ah, it feels like we're in Seattle.

Both the apple muffin and the oatmeal had just enough sugar to hold my interest without tasting like a kids' meal. The multi-grain roll was my favorite, though. So many different crunchy textures going on at the same time. The bar seemed the most factory-made of the lot, and while it's better than the standard granola bar you might see drop down a vending machine, it doesn't seem like part of an exotic, new breakfast.

Smartypants insisted on getting a pesto pasta with white chicken, which he felt didn't sport enough chicken for his breakfast purposes. Then the kids rode their bikes down the 30-foot sidewalk from the restaurant's front door to the busy street and back again over and over, bickering over which of them deserved the right-of-way.

Jazzy music played over the outdoor loudspeakers as bees hovered around our breakfast, wondering if the sugary smells were early fall flowers bearing pollen. Meanwhile, prairie plants and grasses gently swayed in the morning breeze next to the eating area as the sun crawled higher into the sky.


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