May 19, 2009

Candy Expo Round-up: Nonchocolate sweets

Candy without chocolate? What's the point? I can easily pass up confections that are made without chocolate, so I had my boys, Smartypants age 11 and Pikachu age 9, share their feedback on a few sweet treats.

GUD FUD Gud Fud is the name of a tiny marshmallow with filling in it. The flavors of the fillings are grape, strawberry, orange, or chocolate.
Smartypants: I think they are good but very sweet. They mush in your mouth. Pikachu said he hated them before he tried it, but he put it in his mouth and spit it out anyway.
Pikachu: Yuck.I spit it out.

Toxic Waste hard candies:
SP: Too sour to describe. Probably as sour as Warheads.
P: Awesome!!!!!Even though they are VERY sour. I had to drink water. I finished it. My brother spit his out even though he had my favorite flavor.

Tung Toos
Tattoos that get put on your tongue.
SP: It does not taste good when you put it in your mouth. It also makes you gag because your mouth stays open with something big on your tongue for a long time.
P: They're sour. (And, full of food dyes, mom adds). But fun!

Chewy Lemonhead and Friends Like regular Lemonheads, but chewy. The"friends" are the other flavors: apple, cherry, grape, and orange.
P: They are good. I think that they are better than the original Lemonheads. (My brother can't eat them because he has braces.)

C. Howard's Fine Mints and Gum
P: The flavors are: spearmint (really good), peppermint (I didn't get to try it), lemon (even better than spearmint,and it tastes like lemonheads), and violet (violet tastes bad!)

Mom: We'll be back with more reviews of sweets and treats in the coming week. Unfortunately, we had a problem with one of the above reviewers sneaking a bit of candy and then lying to me about it. I can forgive the sneaking- heck, I've been known to sneak a bit of chocolate now and again, but the lying is unacceptable, so we're down a taste-tester.

I know; such a sad ending to such a sweet post.


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