March 11, 2009

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars are out of this world

Literally. Eight Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) Bars are heading into space on an upcoming Shuttle Discovery mission based on an astronaut's request.

Maybe the company's sales will take off too.

With this year's healthy eating habits, I've traded my weekly Starbucks mocha with whipped (15 grams of fat in one sitting!) for a high-quality, fair trade chocolate bar each week. The Starbucks and the chocolate bar each cost around $3. I nibble the chocolate bar throughout the week whenever I need a fix because, let's face it, I can't go a week without chocolate.

I'm eating chocolate that tastes good, that I can feel good about eating. Check out the story behind ESC. I'm going to try one of their bars next week. For now, I'm working on a Terra Nostra 60% cacao double dark truffle; mmmmm. (No link because their domain is down.)

I'm definitely going to look for ESC at the All Candy Expo.

Edited 3/11 to add: How did I miss this? They do factory tour on request. Squee! To read up on other family-friendly factory tours, check out my latest post at TravelingMom.

March 05, 2009

Eating from a Toilet

Would you? Ewww! No! Unless it's at this hip, irreverent restaurant in China. It's a chain called (wait for it) Modern Toilet. Not only do patrons sit on toilets, but they dine from mini-versions of the throne.

This concept makes me a bit squeamish even as someone whose career is in the toilet.

Your thoughts?

h/t Jessica Y., a Facebook friend.


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