June 06, 2009

All Candy Expo now with Snacks!

In 2010 the All Candy Expo will change its name to the All Candy and Snack Expo. I really enjoy two of the salty snacks I sampled at the Expo this year.
First up, Sensible Portions MultiGrain Crisps. I tried the Sea Salt flavor and couldn't get enough of them. Literally. All I took home was a small 90 calorie, .75 oz. snack pack.

The Sensible Portions chips were salty, and crispy. They were comparable to, but much thinner and tastier than rice cakes. Nutrition-wise, the 90-calorie bag had only 2.5 grams of fat and 220 mg of sodium. The smallish snack pack might have satisfied my snack, but there were several little hands dipping into the bag to grab chips.

Thumbs-up all around for these chips.

Another salty snack that left me salivating for more was Joseph Banks Cassava Chips. These are not diet-friendly, but they are satisfyingly crunchy. And how often do I get to eat cassava root? Pretty much never. I hope these Javanese crisps will be widely available here in the US. They're an interesting change from the plain old potato. 

Now I'm craving a salty snack. Gotta run. I hear Orville Redenbacher calling my name! 

(Disclosure- I am ConAgra's Social Media Mom and my pantry is packed with their popcorn right now.)


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