August 30, 2010

Campfire Marshmallows Giant Roasters

These giant marshmallows are sure to elicit squeals of excitement. They are huge! And fluffy! And not listed on Campfire's website. Huh?

I was at a BBQ last weekend where the host broke these out and OMG did everyone go wild. I'd love to give the full scoop on the product size and such, but that info isn't available online at the moment.

So you'll have to trust me they are big! And fun!

But the Giant Roaster are the kind of thing I'd only buy once.

Although they are a great novelty, roasting marshmallows over a camp fire is half the fun of eating them. And with a Giant Roaster Marshmallow, you kind of blow the whole wad with one roasting, unless you do what I did, which was to gently brown the outside and peel it off and eat it, and then re-toast the remains and so on until your fingers are impossibly sticky and your hair is matted with gooey marshmallow guts. But that method doesn't work well with kids.

I also found that the Giant Roaster threw off the marshmallow:chocolate:graham cracker ratio in my s'more. The marshmallow overwhelmed everything.

And I also worry about a young child (or even an older one) choking to death on one of the giant beasts of a marshmallow. (Really, click the link.)

So I guess it's regular ole' marshmallows for us from now on.

Breyer's YoCrunch Fruit Parfait

Knowing how much my preteen son's Starbucks granola yogurt parfait habit cost me over the summer, I happily accepted when the folks at Breyer's offered to send me a sample pack of their granola-topped Yo Crunch Fruit Parfait.

The four-pack they sent me was gobbled up before I could say, "Yo!" Seriously, I did even get to try it.

I like that the product is HFCS-free and lowfat, though I'm not pleased about the artificial dyes. Still, these are a good size for him and easy to tote along. I'm happy that he's eager to bring these as part of his lunch.

August 02, 2010

Purple Asparagus Corks and Crayons Fundraiser

From the press release with a bit of editing:

Purple Asparagus, Chicago’s non-profit organization at the forefront of promoting healthful eating for children at home and at school, holds its Sixth Annual Corks & Crayons Benefit at Uncommon Ground, 1401 W Devon Ave, Chicago, on Sunday, August 29th from 4-7pm. Foodies old and young will come together once again to celebrate the joys of family meals and healthy eating.

The event, run by Pivotal Chicago, will include a mini farmers’ market sponsored by Harvest Moon Organics farm, kids fun on the Dolores Kohl Education Foundation's StoryBus, music from Old Town School of Folk Music artists, a raffle, and a silent auction for bidding on gourmet treats, getaways, and more.

Guests will enjoy selections from Uncommon Ground’s kitchen (ed. note: Yum!), Candid Wines, Templeton Rye cocktails and craft beers from Three Floyds. Attendees will also be able to tour the certified-organic green roof atop Uncommon Ground where the restaurant grows some of the produce on its menu.

Tickets for “Corks & Crayons” are $55 for member adults (non members $60), $22 for young adults ages 13 through 21 (non members $25) and $12 for ages 5-12 (non members $15). Kids under 5 are free.

Tickets can be purchased via credit card at or by check payable to Purple Asparagus sent in care of Melissa Graham, 1824 W Newport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.

Purple Asparagus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization at the forefront of promoting healthful eating for children at home and at school. Founded in 2005 to bring families back to the table by promoting all the things associated with good eating, Purple Asparagus is currently leading “Growing Healthy Kids,” a consortium of 30 plus organizations working in the schools to improve child wellness. The organization is also a key partner with Share our Strength and Healthy Schools Campaign to effectively implement the Chefs “Move to Schools” program of the White House's “Let's Move” initiative. For more information about the event and Purple Asparagus membership, visit


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