July 24, 2006

Read Up and Dine Out: The Magic Pan (crepes)

Many moons ago one of my boys picked up Crepes by Suzette. This fun, colorful book is full of mixed media collages based on photos that author Monica Wellington took on her trips to Paris. Readers follow Suzette as she takes her crepe cart around the city. In addition to a crepe recipe that has become a favorite of my boys, the book has a glossary of French words as well as descriptions of the famous artwork that Wellington alludes to in her collages.

But perhaps you're not up for making crepes (they are easier than pancakes IMHO). Then by all means, run, don't walk, to The Magic Pan. Remember The Magic Pan from your youth in Chicago? I only recalled the name of this revived Lettuce Entertain You joint. I must not have eaten their food as a child, because their chocolate crepes are unforgettable. Yum! If you are on Weight Watchers you may consider skipping a day or two worth of meals in order to save your points for one of these. They also offer savory crepes including a pizza crepe that the boys still talk about, but didn't seem to enjoy so much when eating it. The savory crepes seemed very rich; I recommend saving all those calories for dessert.

Since our visit to Magic Pan crepes have become a morning staple in our house. They're a good substitute for pancakes. I even find them easier, less messier to produce and more versatile than pancakes as you can pair them with a variety of fillings.

For a good dessert crepe, take a single size Dove Bar ice cream treat (bonbons? I can't think of their name and they are long since devoured) and let it melt in a hot, fresh crepe. Not quite the *magic* of The Magic Pan's chocolate crepes, but a close second.


monica wellington said...

Hi, I'm Monica, who wrote and illustrated "Crepes by Suzette" - I love what you are doing with with your blog, and then of course that you tied one of my books into it! I second that crepes are great with kids. I found this out in Paris with my daughter. For pictures of my favorite crepe-maker in Paris in action, take a look: www.monicabooks.blog-city.com/crepes_in_paris.htm
Bon Appetit!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Thanks Monica!

I noticed that you have the crepe recipe on your website, so I added a link to it in my post. FYI, reders can also find it here:

Thansk for stopping by!


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