July 20, 2007


I worked at at ice cream shop throughout high school. When I left for college my boss gave me a Chicago Bear stuffed animal that was issued in honor of the Bears' 1986 Super Bowl victory. I still have the bear- one of my sons sleeps with him.

When I was in college in Texas, I worked at a Mangia, Chicago-style pizza place.

In the late 1990s, I won, and ate, a year's supply of Lean Cuisines.

Eric Schlosser's book, Fast Food Nation, changed my life. I stopped eating Lean Cuisines, ground beef, and, for a short while, almost everything but chocolate.

I love rich, creamy chocolate.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had many strong food aversions, but I craved Italian subs from Hero's on Addison.

I do not crave, nor do I eat, meaty Italian subs when I'm not pregnant.

I can't stand cilantro. Ditto with blueberries, due to an unfortunate childhood experience.

I have started two fires in my kitchen, plus I once almost smoked us out of the house.

Why yes, I happily accept paid writing assignments.

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