October 24, 2007

What's for Supper?

I often wait until about 4:00 to answer that question and then the boys burst in the door from school (if I'm not driving carpool that day) and, well it's another pasta night. For me, the secret ingredient in any great meal is planning ahead.

I enjoy cooking a satisfying meal for my family. When my boys offer up a spontaneous and genuine compliment about food I've made for them it touches some primal maternal nerve setting off a complex chemical reaction that releases a waterfall of feel-good endorphins into my system. All guilt and insecurities wash away, if only for a moment.

So you'd think I'd be better at this meal planning thing. But I'm not. We eat pasta. A lot. Please, send me your menu-planning tips.

Organizationally challenged as I am, I was delighted to be invited along with other blogging Chicago Moms to a complimentary Mom's Night Out at the Super Suppers in Northbrook sponsored by the Dairy Council. Like typical Supper Suppers customers, each mom
assembled six unique, large (dairy!) meals to bring home.

I've seen meal-assembly places that look very industrial- all about efficiency. By contrast, stepping into Supper Suppers was like stepping into a friend's house. It was so much about relaxing and enjoying the process. With pre-chopped ingredients and a staff that does ALL the cleaning up, it's easy to relax. Oh, and there was wine; that sometimes helps, too.

We mixed ingredients and mingled with one another as we moved from prep station to prep station, preparing meals to fill our freezers, and, eventually, our families' tummies.

Read what Kathy B., Marketing Mommy and Grrlfriend Jess had to say about the experience and the food.

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